Office furniture

Contemporary, beautiful, comfortable and functional are the words to describe the best furnished office spaces. Solid wood is a unique material that adds that special warmth which inspires and reminds of home.

Minimalistic or luxurious, combined with glass and metal, a solid wood panel is an irreplaceable material in your office design. Our rich selection of office furniture includes reception and office desks, coffee and side tables, wardrobes, cabinets and other products for a complete interior design. Thanks to our CNC machines, we can create even most complicated and imaginative pieces.


Contract furniture

Although the food and drinks are the key content of restaurants and bars, the environment and the interior of spaces where it is consumed is also very important. Our company offers a wide selection of contract furniture for hospitality services – our solutions can make your interior modern or rustic; and at the same time comfortable and inviting. Thanks to our CNC machines, we can meet even most complicated design requirements.

Our pub version of a bar table is a great example of our craftsmanship. In addition to bars, tables and chairs we can also deliver custom cabinets, wall panels and doors. All of that is manufactured according to your ideas and requests: with modern, clean and simple lines or completely in retro pub style.


Web shop

Feel free to browse through our Web shop and check our wide selection of products. When you find something you like, just follow the instructions with the selected item. We wish you a pleasant shopping!

You are also welcome to our furniture showroom in Ivanec, Petra Preradovica 15, Croatia.