How our story began

It all began with a seed, which grew into a tree. And lots and lots of such seeds grew into a forest. The slopes of Ivancica mountain and nearby valleys are covered in forest. A dense forest. A forest that inspires, a forest that gave rise to Drvodjelac company.

In 1949 in Ivanec, a small town at the foot of Ivancica, first coordinated joinery production was started. Around 20 carpenters organized with a local agricultural cooperative, began to make wooden doors and windows. And it slowly grew until 1990s when Markovic family reformed it to a private wood processing company that continued to grow and develop in wood processing and furniture manufacture.

It is clear that there can be no progress without skilled and qualified employees. Markovic family, aware of that fact, continues to invest in education and skill and today Drvodjelac gathers more than 200 creative and highly-skilled professionals. Company's manufacture and business halls total to 3.500 m2 of floor area. We have 2200m3 of drying room volume, 4.500 m2 for conditioning halls and 1.600 m2 of covered storage area. We deliver our products with own delivery vehicles.

Looking at these figures, you can imagine this is now a big company. And with its premium quality products, it is now a leading wood processing company in northwestern Croatia and in region. Continuous work on production modernization and expansion is embedded in company's philosophy. So in 2004, Bednja Sawmill was acquired and established its place as a valuable part of Drvodjelac. Bednja Sawmill processes around 25000 cubic meters of wood annually. The sawmill and its production halls now spread over 17.000 m2.

What do we make in Drvodjelac?

Solid wood panel is our primary product. Everything begins with a wood panel. This panel can become a premium bed, a table, or a staircase tread. We have two types of panels that differ in the way the wooden slats are joined. There are edge-glued panels, and there are finger-joint panels. They are most commonly made of beech tree, but we can also make them from European alder, fir, spruce, walnut, ash, cherry or any other wood variety. Alongside solid wood panels, we make modern, top quality furniture such as beds, wardrobes, closets, chests of drawers and chairs. And finally we round our product line with flooring, wall paneling, staircases, joinery, balcony railings and any other product that can come out of a quality wood.

We take raw quality wood and make premium wooden products, with special care of drying, storage and manufacture process.  With a finesse of modern aesthetics embedded in our design, we guarantee the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our clients. And if that is not enough - we know the importance of timely delivery! That is why our company delivers with our own reliable delivery service. Today, Drvodjelac Ltd exports 97% of its products to western Europe countries.


Our vision

With efficient organization, constant monitoring and implementation of modern technologies, we are determined to stay among leading wood processing companies in the region.

In our vision, every employee is aware of his great contribution to quality of our product and environmental impact reduction.


Our mission

Our mission is to offer a product we guarantee will meet all requirements of time and modern way of living (top product quality and modern design). Our products will be manufactured with minimal impact on our surroundings and the environment.


Our philosophy

Our philosophy is simple – offer a premium quality product. Only such a product can meet the requirements of time and modern lifestyle. There is an emphasis on quality and modern design throughout our manufacturing process. On top of that, our customers can always rely on our timely delivery. We are particularly proud with our minimal impact on our surroundings and the environment, because we know that premium wood is our resource and our future. That is why we take special care to minimize our environmental footprint!

We proactively align to business regulations as they change overtime and plan ahead so we can make sure our products always comply to quality standards. Our quality and environment management procedures are strictly implemented by all employees and contractors. Our most precious values, such as environmental protection, employee education and teamwork are applied through our training programs. A proactive approach of our employees is what makes our business efficient and growing.