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Solid wood panels

We distinct our solid wood panels according to the way they are glued together:

edge-glued panels and finger-joint panels.


Edge-glued panels

Edge-glued panels are made from beech (lightly steamed and unsteamed). Their thickness is up to 50 mm, width up to 1200 mm, length up to 2000 mm (sometimes even longer). Edge-glued boards are mainly used for staircase treads.


Finger-joint panels

Finger-joint panels are mostly made from beech (lightly steamed); but if the client chooses so, we can also make them from black walnut, European walnut, oak, cherry and ash.
Thickness can vary from 18 to 50 mm, widths up to 1200 mm and lengths up to 6000 mm. Finger-joint panels have a wide range of applications: they are used for furniture, staircase treads, etc.


Our solid wood panels are grouped according to wood type and quality level:


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